CUBS & Cousins Fun Fly & STOL Event (OCT 5th)


Bayou City Flyers is hosting another great event – CUBS & Cousins Fun Fly & STOL Event.  Bring that Piper Cub, Carbon Cub, Super Cub or any “High Wing Cousin” and join us in a FUN FLY event featuring STOL (Short Takeoff & Landings) as well as other fun challenges.


Hangar 9 10cc Ultra Stick Rebuild Project

July 2019: Maximillian (Max) Burton our Club Treasurer, crashed his Hanger 9 Ultra Stick Wednesday, July 17th. As you can see not pretty. However; since I was flying at the field to maiden one of my rebuilt mash-ups and witnessed the ‘thump’, and looked at the remaining pieces, I offered to rebuild it for Max as a project and post the process and pictures to the website. Luckily for Max the OS .65 Engine was fine along with the servos. The receiver was toast, yet the satellite receiver was good. Wheel pants pretty wrecked as well as fuel tank. Horizon has replacement wheel pants but may try to repair since I’m trying to do with parts on hand.


I did suggest Max buy a new receiver from Bruce Carr (A&E RC Products) at the Warbird Event so have that now. So here we go. If you haven’t rebuilt a crashed bird I hope this helps if you want to try sometime since a lot of crashes are not automatically ‘Trash Can Candidates’.  Luckily, the crash recovery crew that day picked up almost all the pieces.

1. The starting point is to assess the amount of damage and determine if it is salvageable. So several questions you need to ask at this point:
A. Is this something I want and can do…..time, desire, skills, etc.?
B. Is there enough parts still left undamaged to make it reasonable, cost & time effective?
C. Are there any plans, guides, resources, spare parts, etc., available to use as templates or replacements?

2. If so, take everything back to the shop; if not, strip out everything useful and keep. Generally, not advisable to keep any radio gear.

Fun comment from guy on Balsa Model Aircraft Builders Association FB group in response to my post of this rebuild…..“Nothing you can’t rebuild with a bottle of $2 epoxy and popsicle sticks”!


As you can see from the damage the plane impacted on the right side of the nose almost straight in. Fortunately, the left side was pretty much intact and provided a template for making a new right side for the fuselage. I elected to do the fuselage repair first and save the wing for later.

3. First steps were to strip away some covering and square up the balsa underside, and then re-glue the fuselage where it had separated. I already know there is some additional damage at the tail but will do front- end first.The left side of the fuse where the power/receiver switch was needed some repair, so I removed that and glued and sanded the fuse while waiting on glue to dry.


4. The left side of fuse had a little nose damage which I repaired before using it as the template for the right side replacement. Also, I straightened out the servo tray and re-glued it at that time. After tracing the template onto some file folder stock I cut it out to trace onto the 1/8″ balsa strip.

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GREAT 3rd Annual BCF Warbird Event: Hosted July 19 & 20th, 2019

Bayou City Flyers hosted its 3rd Annual Warbird Event at Dick Scobee Memorial Airfields in George Bush Park. We had a great turnout of pilots, volunteers, vendors and members of the public. The weather was good, typically hot, a little breezy but right down the runway most the time. Although we lost a few planes (RIP) and some dramatically, the flying was outstanding including the Gaggle!, Jets, TurboProp, Formation Flights, Scale and Aerobatics. Several vendors showed up to support the event and we thank them for their support along with sponsor Randy Hobbies and look forward to their continued support. Hopefully you didn’t miss this year’s event but if you did you can check out the photos on the website. Click on the title of this post to see details about the event.

3rd Annual 2019 BCF WARBIRD Event Announcement

National Model Aviation Day – August 17

Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation in celebrating model aviation for the seventh annual National Model Aviation Day, August 17, 2019. National Model Aviation Day was created to encourage clubs to celebrate the hobby and share it with the public. Our chartered clubs have also been asked to conduct a fundraiser to provide assistance to a worthy cause. For this year all clubs have been asked to support the AMA Foundation. The AMA is devoted to inspiring the young and young-at-heart to pursue a hobby that will inspire creativity and advanced learning through the use of hands-on applications. The purposes of the Foundation will be to fundraise and make grants to AMA to support its charitable and educational programs and services.

Found Planes – July, 2019

John Haskell’s “Search & Rescue” multi-rotor continues to locate radio controlled aircraft in the vicinity of Dick Scobee Memorial Airfields within George Bush Park. Four of the previously found planes have been claimed by the owners with this one remaining. Photos of the model a/c can be accessed by clicking on the title of this post. For an expanded view of the a/c, click on the photo of it. Contact BCF Club Secretary John Haskell if you know anything about ownership of the a/c by clicking on the Members & Membership page to this website then clicking on Contact Us and enter / select the noted information.





Next Club Meeting – Saturday September 7, 2019 (10am)

The next club meeting is Saturday September 7, 2019 at 10.00am and will be held at the clubhouse.

PLEASE SIGN-IN when you arrive. New members are encouraged to attend and introduce yourselves to the rest of the gang. If you have recently received your AMA membership number and FAA sUAS registration please convey them to Max Burton – Club Treasurer.

A highlight of the monthly meeting is the “Plane of the Month” which has three categories: Kit / Scratch builds, Jets (Turbine or EDF), and Redone/Mashed BARF which are redone/redesigned, or imagined creations. All entries must have completed at least one successful flight (which includes a successful landing…) Entrants must be able to withstand the withering questions asked by attending membership of your entry before votes are cast.