Next Club Meeting – Saturday September 7, 2019 (10am)

The next club meeting is Saturday September 7, 2019 at 10.00am and will be held at the clubhouse.

PLEASE SIGN-IN when you arrive. New members are encouraged to attend and introduce yourselves to the rest of the gang. If you have recently received your AMA membership number and FAA sUAS registration please convey them to Max Burton – Club Treasurer.

A highlight of the monthly meeting is the “Plane of the Month” which has three categories: Kit / Scratch builds, Jets (Turbine or EDF), and Redone/Mashed BARF which are redone/redesigned, or imagined creations. All entries must have completed at least one successful flight (which includes a successful landing…) Entrants must be able to withstand the withering questions asked by attending membership of your entry before votes are cast.