Search & Rescue – A Successful Outcome

BCF member, Jeff Trotter, lost a plane north of the field on June 10, 2018 so he contacted BCF member John Haskell who has a drone with camera and GPS which he has set-up to fly a grid pattern north or east of the powered RC area of Dick Scobee Memorial Airfields to search for lost RC aircraft. John was successful in locating Jeff’s plane on June 11, 2018 and Jeff was able to recover it that same day. See the attached story with photos (click on the title of this post to access it) to read about the details of the Recovery of Jeff’s Plane

Should you find yourself in a similar predicament, contact John (he is the Club Secretary) to ask him to locate your lost RC aircraft. John’s contact phone number is posted on the BCF Notice Board (2018 BCF Officers) and in the Members & Membership section of this website. Thank you, John.